Tuesday, November 21, 2017
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Healing Rooms Vision


  1. To see the sick and injured healed and restored by the power of Jesus and thereby bring glory to His name.

  2. To establish Healing Rooms in every nation and in every city and town thus making a worldwide impact for Jesus.

  3. To restore the ministry of healing to the whole church to reach every person in every nation, that every person be brought to a place of salvation and healing because the whole person needs to be impacted by God.

In order to catch something of Cal Pierce’s vision for the Healing Rooms it would be best to read an excerpt of a message he gave which I think you’ll agree gives something of his vision and heart. He starts by sharing a rather remarkable testimony:

“This is the testimony of a lady who came for prayer to the Vancouver Healing Rooms in Canada.

This lady was in a car accident. She was having seizures and migraine headaches on a constant basis, because she had experienced a severe head trauma.

Her skull was crushed and splintered to the degree that they had to put a steel plate inside her skull and screw all the pieces of the skull to the plate. It was that bad. You can imagine the problems she was having.

She said that when she went to the airport she had to carry a doctor’s report because she would set off the metal detectors no matter what she did. She came to the Healing Rooms for prayer.

She then went to the hospital to have a new CT scan done. She got the report. Now I can vouch for this. Steve Stewart, the founding Director of Healing Rooms, Canada, showed me the report and I have held it in my hand and read it.

It said: ‘Normal brain scan. No evidence of infraction recent or old. The appearance of the calvarium is normal and there is no metal plate.’

And in his own handwriting the doctor has written in capital letters:


She then went straight to the airport and passed the test!”

Cal goes on, “You can see what God is doing at this time by the way the healing ministry around the world is shifting. It is shifting from somebody to ‘the Body’.

In the past healing has been done almost exclusively by the healing evangelist, but now God is in the process of linking the healing evangelist with a Healing Rooms type ministry that will impact every nation and city. The reason that this needs to take place is because God is raising up an army, and He is about to release the army out of the tent…and it will begin to march to the battle to go through the harvest fields so that we can have a wedding.

It will not march on crutches…..it will march in power…healed and delivered.

Healing will be the undergarment that this army will wear that will support their armour.

Previously, we have looked at the healing evangelists and we have looked at the anointing that was upon them…and we would go to their meetings…and we thought to ourselves: ‘We could never rise to that level of anointing.’ But, what is happening now is that there is beginning to be a shift to where the healing evangelist will come in and bring the anointing…and instead of him leaving town and taking the anointing with him…he is now able to make a deposit and impartation…and share the vision for a Healing Rooms ministry. We are now beginning to see the same level of anointing in which the healing evangelists moved now released in the Body.

We are making this link between healing evangelists and the Healing Rooms ministry so that a deposit will be made in every city and in every nation. That deposit or impartation must be made to empower the army because the Bible says that ‘these signs shall follow those that believe’. It doesn’t say it shall follow some that believe. It doesn’t say that it shall follow pastors that believe. It doesn’t say it shall follow men that believe.

It says: ‘These signs shall follow those that believe. They shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover.’ You see, healing is not an option. They are supposed to recover.  We have made it an option. It has never been an option with God.

Cal Pierce is the Director of the International Association of Healing Rooms (IAHR)

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