Tuesday, November 21, 2017
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Healing Rooms History


Eighty-five years ago as an apostle to Africa, John Lake was used by God to plant hundreds of churches. He constantly saw signs and wonders and miracles.

He returned and settled in Spokane, Washington, USA, supposedly to retire. But there is no retirement in the Kingdom of God and he found he couldn’t sit still and do nothing, especially when he saw that the city was so dead spiritually with so much opportunity for ministry.

So he decided to call together a group of ordinary Christians and train them in the principles and practices of healing and evangelism much as we are about to do in this seminar. When they were trained he called them ‘healing technicians’.

Then, in 1915 he opened what he called ‘Healing Rooms’ in downtown Spokane and over a five-year period more than 100,000 documented healings took place.

This had an enormous impact on the local community and almost bankrupted the medical services in Spokane with many of the doctors running out of patients. The US government in Washington, DC, declared Spokane to be the healthiest city in the world.

John Lake had a vision for Healing Rooms to spread to every city in the world, but he died without seeing his dream realised.

However, like seed in the ground, God, in His timing, waters it until it germinates and grows, and ultimately reaps a harvest.

Cal Pierce was a bored church leader. He was planning to retire and to enjoy a life of leisure and relaxation and had the intention of doing as little as possible in a faraway place…until God touched his life.

Let’s hear the story from Cal in his own words:

“I was the most bored board member in the church. I didn’t even want to go anymore. That’s how bored I was.

Bill Johnson came as the senior pastor to our church. He came with a desire to see the church set on fire with the power of the Holy Spirit. In order not to stir things up too quickly with change in our church he went and held meetings in other churches.

One night we were having dinner with our friends and one of them said: ‘Have you heard about these meetings that Bill Johnson is having with the Vineyard pastor on the other side of town? I’ve heard people are falling down shaking and laughing, and all this stuff is going on.’ I remember driving home and telling my wife, Michelle: ‘Honey, those are meetings we are not going to…no way!’

In May 1996, Bill decided that it was time for our church to be impacted. So he sent out a letter to all the leaders in the church announcing a meeting at the church and that if you were a leader you were required to attend.

Being a board member I dutifully attended. It is a big church and there were about 100 people there. We sang four or five praise and worship songs. That didn’t bother me too much.

Then Bill Johnson stood up in front and raised his hands and said: ‘Come Holy Spirit!’ That is the last thing I remember.

We were standing there and I suddenly felt what seemed like the fire of God beginning to slowly course through my body wave after wave. It was as if the floor was a steel plate and my shoes were magnets because I couldn’t move. All I could do was to just stand there and take it. I wanted to run, jump, shout and scream…but I couldn’t move. Finally, my wife pulled on my sleeve and said: ‘Honey, the meeting is over. Time to go home!’

I don’t have a clue what that meeting was about, but I do know what it was about for me…because from that day on I couldn’t sit still. I was totally different. It was the difference between day and night. I now wanted to go to church. I was so hungry for God. Over the next 18 months I read and studied everything I could lay hands on about revival and healing. Finally the Holy Spirit said to me: ‘What I have given you, you have to take and go into the world.’ And that is what we did.

Then the Lord put a burden on me to go north from where we lived to pray. It took me three months to pluck up the courage to tell my wife. ‘Where are you going?’ she asked. I said: ‘I think I am supposed to go to a place called Spokane.’ We had never been to the state of Washington…we had grown up and lived in the same place all of our lives and hadn’t ventured far from there at all….and we were going to retire there and go 4-wheel driving.  My wife said: ‘Well okay, call me when you get there’, which surprised me.

What I didn’t realize was that I was about to activate a prophecy given by two prophets about what God was going to do in and out of Spokane. I went to Spokane and heard about the ministry of John G Lake, so I felt led to go and find his gravesite and to spend time with God and pray there. I did that every month for 15 months. I didn’t know anything about Healing Rooms. I just knew that the Holy Spirit had sent me there out of desperation. During that time the Lord led me to study the history of the city and in the process I read all about John Lake and the ministry of this great man of God. I went to the places where Lake had gone and prayed, and the Lord laid it on my heart to recommence the ministry of Healing Rooms that had flourished so many years before. We were able to open up in the very same location that John Lake had used and having trained some people we commenced to minister and immediately saw many people healed. The rest is now history.”


This is the story of how the Healing Rooms ministry got started in Australia.

National Directors of Healing Rooms Australia, Franklyn and Deanne Elliott commenced their journey in seeing God heal back in 1987. Over the following years they started to learn how to minister healing to people and saw an increasing number of people get healed as they continued to exercise the gift that God was giving to them.

Also, the Lord increasingly laid on their hearts a burden to concentrate on majoring in hands-on ministry rather than attending lots of conferences and just talking about it. He also gave them a burden to show others how to minister and to train and release them to do it themselves on the scriptural model of Jesus with his disciples and Paul with his followers as enunciated in 2 Timothy:

2 Timothy 2: 2.
And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable men who will also be qualified to teach others also.

In the year 2000, Franklyn invited a healing evangelist, Bob Brasset, from Canada, to come to his church to speak at a healing conference. During that time hundreds of people were healed. Also, Bob imparted the gift of healing to all at the conference equipping and encouraging everyone to do hands on ministry through praying for the sick.

Some time in 2001, Bob Brasset emailed Franklyn to tell him about the recently opened Healing Rooms in Spokane, Washington State, USA. He suggested Franklyn should look up the Spokane website and pray about whether the Lord might want to set up Healing Rooms in Australia. Bob also sent glowing reports after he had visited the Healing Rooms in Santa Maria, California. He then strongly suggested that Franklyn might go over to the USA to visit them for himself.

So in August, 2002, Franklyn, Deanne and three others went to the USA. They tried to include Spokane in the itinerary but nothing worked out so that they could make connections to fit it into the schedule. So they ended up spending a day at Santa Maria where they saw first hand the miraculous work of the Lord in the Healing Rooms there under the leadership of Rick and Lori Taylor. They knew immediately that the Lord was leading them to set up something similar here in Australia. The team in Santa Maria met for an hour beforehand for worship and prayer. The Holy Spirit was powerfully present filling the room and that is one of the keys. Then Franklyn and Deanne each had the privilege of joining one of the teams as they prayed for those who had come for ministry. That day they saw people healed. Also, those from Australia received prayer for the impartation of the gift of healing and the ministry of the Healing Rooms.

In Santa Maria, they started with 12 people and then held training seminars every 2 months. They trusted the Lord to bring people to them and in 2002 it had grown to 103 people from 28 churches from different denominations seeing God’s power released in healing and salvation. Since that time, the Healing Rooms in Santa Maria have grown from strength to strength. They are regularly seeing cancer healed with people coming from everywhere for prayer including a doctor from Florida who flew to California to receive total healing from cancer.

So when Franklyn and Deanne came back home, after some months of prayer and preparation the Lord had led them to commence the Dural Healing Rooms in Sydney in April 2003.

The amazing thing is that, at approximately the same time this was all happening, the Lord led John and Merilyn Edwards to visit Spokane to do the training and they came back to open the Brisbane Healing Rooms in March, 2003 thereby demonstrating that this ministry is a sovereign work of God.

In September 2003 Franklyn and Deanne were introduced to Cal Pierce (Director of the International Association of Healing Rooms or IAHR) who released them as National Advisors for Australia. In 2005 Cal and his wife Michelle visited Australia for the first Healing Rooms National Conference, “Impact 05” where Franklyn and Deanne were encouraged to oversee Healing Rooms in Australia and “Healing Rooms Australia” was conceived.

Healing Rooms Australia is a national association that exists under the wing of the IAHR (International Association of Healing Rooms) to promote and develop new Healing Rooms ministries and oversee, encourage and connect existing Healing Rooms ministries, ensuring a consistent Australian expression of this simple ministry model. The Healing Rooms model releases the Kingdom of Heaven into the Earth by training and equipping the church to do the works of Kingdom in a safe environment for those practicing and those receiving healing.


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