Tuesday, November 21, 2017
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Joining A Local Healing Rooms Team

Healing Rooms Directors are always on the lookout for enthusiastic team members looking to serve in this amazing ministry - people who have a passion for Jesus, a heart for healing, teachable attitude and a desire to grow in their gifting.

The Process

The first step is to attend a Healing Rooms Team Training Seminar where the background and basics of Healing Rooms ministry is covered.  Healing Rooms Team Training is conducted periodically in centres around Australia by a team of HRA endorsed trainers.

To attend the Team Training Seminar you will need to complete an application form along with the attached Pastor/Minister's Reference, which can be obtained from Healing Rooms Australia or the Healing Rooms hosting the Team Training Seminar.

Once a person has completed the Team Training seminar they will be required to attend an interview conducted by the Healing Rooms Director of the Healing Rooms you are applying to join.

After that interview the Healing Rooms Director will contact you and invite you come to the Healing Rooms as an “observer”.

After a period of time "watching you grow", the Healing Rooms Director will decide whether to formally invite you to become part of that team. Teams vary with regard to their required level of commitment and the Healing Rooms Director will talk with you about your availability and the Healing Rooms requirements of you.

Having been invited to join the local Healing Rooms team the training doesn’t end there. Training is ongoing as we are always learning and the different roles of the team require different understanding and disciplines. One thing we do recommend highly is that all team members attend an initial Team Training Seminar as a refresher once a year. Team members are able to attend for no extra cost.

Your invitation to join a Healing Rooms Team is at the discretion of the local Healing Rooms Director that you will be serving under.


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