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Join a Team

Joining a Healing Rooms Team

Local Healing Rooms Directors are always on the lookout for those God is calling to serve in their team.  If you have a passion for Jesus, a heart for healing, a teachable attitude, and a desire to develop your gifting; this could be a place of ministry for you

The first step is to attend a Healing Rooms Team Training Seminar where the background and model of Healing Rooms ministry is covered.  Training seminars are advertised here and booked online. The cost for the seminar is $65.00 including a printed manual. The booking process requires payment online at time of registration.

The training fee is a once only expense, as you may come to any subsequent Team Training Seminar for no charge. We recommend all team members attend at least every two years. 

Areas covered include:

  • Biblical principles relating to healing ministry.
  • Healing of the sick on the day.
  • Accessing the presence of God for healing.
  • Explanation, demonstration and practice of the HRA ministry model.
  • Activation and practical experience in ministering healing.
  • Impartation of the healing anointing for ministry.
  • Explanation of the HRA Code of Conduct and team requirements
  • The steps required for someone to join an HRA team.

Once trained you can apply to join a local Healing Rooms team when you will be asked:

  • For a reference from a Christian leader.
  • To agree to and sign the HRA Code of Conduct.
  • To meet the Working with Children requirements in your state.
  • To attend at least one Healing Rooms session as an observer (this must be arranged in advance).
  • To attend an interview with your prospective Healing Rooms directors, to discuss your calling and availability.
  • To complete a trial period as a team member.

An invitation to join a team is at the discretion of the local Healing Rooms Directors that you will be serving with.

As a team member you will periodically be expected to participate in refresher training and conferences. 

Upcoming team training seminars are advertised and booked online here.