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Start a Healing Rooms

A Calling

We are always on the lookout for those God is calling to open new Healing Rooms. 

Establishing and running a Healing Rooms is all about team leadership. You will be leading and encouraging a team to host the presence of God, exercise the gifts of the Spirit, and see people supernaturally healed by Jesus.

Whilst proper administration is also very important, the process of establishing a Healing Rooms ministry is primarily a spiritual and relational one. 

It is spiritual because anyone who wishes to lead a Healing Rooms must have an intimate relationship with Jesus, and must be called and led by the Holy Spirit to such a ministry.  This is essential for the anointing, blessing and longevity of the work.

It is relational because HRA operates more as a family than an organization. We desire to be a vibrant and loving community, not a bureaucracy. In practical areas we do operate as an organization; but we never want this to be the dominant feature of our affiliation and fellowship with one another.

Enquiry Pack 

If you are interested in starting a Healing Rooms please contact us and we will send you an ‘Enquiry Pack’ which gives a brief overview and background of the ministry. This will assist you in discerning if this is God’s leading for you.

Another excellent resource for this process is Cal Pierce’s book, Preparing the Way: the reopening of the John G. Lake Healing Rooms in Spokane, Washington. It is his account of the way God led him to set up this ministry.

Start-Up Pack

Once  you have digested the Enquiry Pack, if you sense a leading to take the next step, follow the instructions in the Enquiry Pack  to obtain a ‘Start-Up Pack’. You will then be connected with an accredited trainer, who will give advice and help you prepare for a Team Training Seminar. The Start-Up Pack covers planning, preparation, team training and all the details you will need leading up to the opening of your Healing Rooms. 

At the appropriate time, you will need to fill in an Affiliation Application and pay the Annual Affiliation Fee.  Approval is not automatic as the HRA team process each application prayerfully.

Benefits of affiliation include:

  • Use of Healing Rooms National and International trademark logos, including legally exclusive use of the term “Healing Rooms”.
  • Automatic affiliation with the International Association of Healing Rooms.
  • Listing on both HRA and IAHR websites.
  • Credibility, Accreditation, a Standard Level of Competence, Covering and Accountability through association.
  • Mentoring to help birth your new Healing Rooms.
  • Ministry team training.
  • Fellowship and interaction with others in the Healing Rooms family.
  • Operational resources, forms and guidelines.
  • Conferences with top rate speakers in order to increase awareness of the ministry and to encourage and stimulate your team members.

Your Healing Rooms can be established as either a ministry sponsored by a local church, or an independent entity.

Launch Pack

When your Application for Affiliation to open new Healing Rooms is approved, and you have been approved as an authorised Healing Rooms Director, you will receive a Launch Pack which includes:

  • Your letter of approval and appointment.
  • Your Affiliation and Accreditation Certificate which we recommend you frame and hang on the wall in your Healing Rooms reception area. This now gives you authorisation to go ahead and officially open your Healing Rooms. Please do not open your Healing Rooms before you receive approval.
  • Your Australian Healing Rooms Number.
  • Information on how to make the most of being part of the HRA family.
  • Electronic copies of forms that you can easily adapt for local use.

If you are interested in finding out more about starting Healing Rooms please contact us!