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Ministry Model

The Model

Healing Rooms is all about the presence of God and a simple ministry model in which teams of three people are led by the Holy Spirit to heal the sick. Our model is readily adapted to the local context, and is effectively working in a variety of denominational and community settings. 

We do not provide counselling.

We are committed to being a safe place of ministry. We always minister in teams of three. All team members have completed training, signed a Code of Conduct and met the reqirements for working with children in their respective state.

Most Healing Rooms open at least once a week. They operate on a drop in basis with no appointment needed. There is no charge for ministry.

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The Ministry Process

The following is a typical outline which varies slightly depending on the setting.

When you arrive for healing ministry, a receptionist will ask you to complete a form with a few personal details, and will briefly explain to you this ministry process.

You will be shown to the waiting area which provides a peaceful atmosphere for you to relax and prepare to receive healing.

In order of arrival, guests are assigned to healing teams of three people.

Ministry takes place in a private area, where the team will pray with you, believing for your healing.

Please note: We do not provide counselling in Healing Rooms sessions.

The ministry model is simple:

We invite the Presence of God.

We seek His direction.

We follow His leading as we pray.

The style is gentle but powerful.

Sessions typically last around 20 minutes.

Following your healing session you are welcome to enjoy some more quiet time in the waiting area if you wish.

Healing often occurs instantaneously, and at other times progressively over days or weeks following ministry.

For some guests more than one visit to the Healing Rooms is needed for their desired outcome to be reached.

You are most welcome to come back to the Healing Rooms as many times as you like. We are committed to your healing journey however long it takes.