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A lady had terrible depression and after prayer she was able to live a full life again.


A man who had been to Dingley and Frankston Healing Rooms said he had indigestion and after being prayed for by both teams  he was healed


A man was able to sleep the night after prayer and his psoriasis went away a few days later.

Leg Muscle

My left leg muscle was damaged in a motorbike accident, i was not able to run and had strong cramping pain, after prayer today God healed my leg and it was fantastic! Go God! Sandy.

Fructose Malabsorption

On Saturday i has my first pear in 15 years, it was the most delicious tasting pear I have ever eaten with no negative reaction. I have also been eating many other foods that I have not been able to eat for a very long time – I was diagnosed (past tense) with fructose malabsorption and irritable bowel syndrome. My diet was quite restricted. Pears were a big no no, as well as anything from the cabbage family, onion family, garlic wheat and so on and so forth. Nothing quite like a normal big fat juicy hamburger with no restrictions. Yum yum yum. The freedom. A new lease on life. So happy and joyfully, amazed at God’s handy work. Praises to the Lord almighty. I can’t wait to eat mangoes in summer

Snapped Tendon

I received prayer for a tendon that had snapped in my finger due to a sports injury. The finger had to be put in a splint to straighten it. I felt heat while it was being prayed for and now the finger if fully straight and functional again. The medical profession is thrilled with the result.


Man came to Healing Rooms with double vision, after eye surgery 3 months ago. After receiving prayer his sight has returned to normal.


Warmth and healing felt in the shoulder and the person was able to make a fist which was impossible before receiving prayer

Sense of Smell

Sense of smell returned and the person smelt perfume for the first time in 3 years


I haven’t had any asthma since the team prayed for me a while back. When I had a test they could hardly tell I had it . The Dr can’t understand it!


A man came in November to Healing Rooms to receive prayer for bladder cancer. After tests in January, biopsies came back negative – no more cancer!

Stomach Pain

I had bad stomach pain. The doctor examined my abdomen and said he could feel something there. He wanted me to have an ultrasound. I had prayer for healing at the Healing Rooms on Wednesday and then on the Thursday I had the ultrasound. While having it, I felt the Lord touch my left hand … I knew He was with me and I had no fear. I was almost home when I started to cry; the Holy Spirit was with me; it was so beautiful. I saw the doctor the next Monday and whatever was there was GONE. And I had no more pain.The Lord has healed me and I praise Him, He is so beautiful! Eileen


I was asked by a friend if I would like to come with him to the Healing Rooms and I’m so glad I did.  I had an addiction to cigarettes for 9 years and I am 4 months pregnant. I also had depression, which I believe the smoking was making worse. I was filled with the Holy Spirit and they asked Jesus to take all addiction from me.  I was so overjoyed after my healing … I have not had a cigarette since and it’s been two weeks today. I feel like I have a new life and am now free to live for Jesus with the addiction gone. I am so devoted to Him now, even more than I was before. Thank you Lord.  Kerrianne

Back Pain

I came to the Healing Rooms seeking prayer for my back which has  caused me trouble on and off for twenty five years. I received prayer for healing and realignment and a breaking of any birth trauma, which I had not thought about, but which felt right to pray over. I had reached the point where I struggled to go a month without a visit to the Chiropractor. I also received prayer for myself and my family for an upcoming mission trip to Asia. the time of Prayer was a profound experience which is hard to describe in words. I can describe what happened afterwards. I had the most amazing God experience in Asia without any back trouble despite all the travel, carrying luggage and different beds. I have not visited a Chiropractor to this day.

Misaligned Fracture

At Healing Rooms we asked for prayer for our daughter’s arm to be healed and rightly aligned. Her Radius and Ulna had been fractured in a trampoline accident. Originally well aligned under anaesthetic, some alignment was lost during a cast change and her arm was healing with a 34 degree bend. This resulted in writing and colouring-in being difficult and painful and she couldn’t play on the playground with others. Doctors told us it would not change and to accept the disability. After prayer, she was asked to do something she couldn’t do before. She turned her hand over and began moving her wrist. At first this was painful, so the team prayed again for the pain to go. Immediately, the pain went and she was able to move her hand and wrist normally and pain free. The bone alignment immediately straightened significantly and continued to straighten further over the following weeks. Presently she is able to colour-in, write and swim without pain!


I have has a knee problem for about 8 years due to playing soccer. During prayer we discovered that one leg was shorter than the other. When the word of healing was spoken into me it was healed on the spot! Praise be to Jesus

Lower Back

nagging lower back injury had not improved with any prayer for 3 weeks. At the Friday night healing meeting a word of knowledge was given concerning an ache in the back. I went forward for prayer. The pain was completely gone within minutes.


I have had deteriorating gradual loss of sight in my left eye for about 5 years and assumed it was ‘age related’ after I received prayer, my sight improved immediately.


We couldn’t get pregnant. You prayed for my wife …. At healing rooms. We found out one month later that we were expecting a baby….


I went to the Healing Rooms. My problem was with the median lobe in the prostate gland blocking the passage at times. I was prayed over and ministered to. I went home and experienced no difficulty at all. I praise the Lord for His mercy. He is and Awesome God….

Hepatitis B & C

Suffering with an inflamed liver and Hepatitis B & C I had prayer for healing at Healing Rooms on more than one occasion. After prayer all results from medical tests showed clear. No inflamed liver. No Hepatitis B. No Hepatitis C. All glory to God.


My mum was diagnosed by three doctors with aggressive cancer. After prayer in healing rooms ALL CANCER WAS GONE !!! Even the doctors could not believe the report. My mum is well and living a life full of praise to God.

Eye Floaters

I attended Healing Rooms back in March, for prayer for healing of the mass of floaters in my right eye. Over two years ago, I pursued medical help and was told the cataract causing some blocked vision was not yet bad enough for surgery. Last year I attended again, complaining of a marked deterioration in my vision. I was advised the problem was not the cataract (which had hardly changed) but a floater mass. At Healing Rooms I was directed to a group led by a lady who had already received healing for the same issue – the group prayed with confidence following that testimony and I began to see an improvement. It was hard to tell for sure in the low light of the auditorium, but during the next couple of days I tested my vision and the floater mass which had been central over my right eye had completely gone.

Varicose Veins

I received healing for my legs and the surgeon says I no longer need surgery for my varicose veins. I received prayer before a trip to India. I was concerned about the plane flight and swelling in my legs. I didn’t have a lot of swelling and throughout all our travels I was fine. After I returned from the trip the ultrasound showed that all is well.

Lump vanished

For almost 2 years I’ve had very painful kidney function. I eventually went to see a doctor about it. A scan revealed a lump attached to the artery leading to my kidneys. My doctor advised I see a specialist. Two days after hearing the news the healing team laid hands on me. I felt a rush, I knew I was instantly healed. I felt a burden come off and clear headed, more alert. Two weeks later I had another scan. In my heart I knew I was healed, but to get the doctor to stop nagging me I went to see the specialist. Looking at both scans the specialist said he was confused, he could see the lump on the first scan but not on the second. He was baffled as to how the lump had disappeared so quickly. I just sat there with a grin and said ‘yes, I know I’m healed.


Prior to prayer I had pain in third finger joint of my left hand and after prayer the pain was completely gone


A lady came for prayer for bursitis in her right knee. After prayer she was able to walk more freely and bend her knee without pain. The cane she was using was not needed after prayer.


One of our guests rolled her ankle, chipping the bone. She had to walk with the aid of crutches the past week. While walking into the main auditorium she immediately felt the pain decrease. During prayer, the pain reduced further to a mild level and further again when prayed for at the testimony table. She walked away without a limp and without her crutches.

Back Pain

A lady came today with back pain. Both her legs and arms were different lengths and out of alignment. While being prayed for, her arm and leg grew out to the same length. She now has no pain.

Severe Stroke

My mother, Penny, had a very severe stroke on 14 October 2012.  She was physically paralysed and unable to speak because the language part of her brain had been wiped out. The doctors said that her brain was swelling and they were thinking of cutting a piece out of her brain in order to save her life. People from Nowra Healing Rooms came to the hospital to pray for her and you could feel the heat and the power. They prayed for a full, speedy recovery and left a prayer cloth. She was then admitted to the acute stroke ward. That night two more people from the Healing Rooms came to pray for her and when they left she was peaceful. I kept encouraging her all night; knowing she was not going to let go.  In the morning the man in the next bed said “She (Penny) healed me last night; the power that came from the hymns healed me; that lady has a beautiful voice”. I thought, Mum couldn’t speak, how could this happen? The speech part of her brain wasn’t functioning, but God was getting her to use her lungs by the power of His Spirit. The man who was healed went home from the hospital that day.  The doctors had said it would be a long time before Mum could move and a very long road to recovery, but the very next day she jumped out of bed, washed herself and her physical movement abilities started coming back. Day by day she improved and the doctors couldn’t believe how speedy her recovery was. Now she is fully recovered. She has more faith and the freedom to live her life fully.  And today (19 November 2012) she gave her heart to Jesus (and so did I). Kristika


Since I was young I have had a lot of pain in my neck and back. I was later diagnosed with scoliosis, a curve in my spine. My back would always be in pain, my shoulders ached and my neck felt thin and unsteady. My hips used to always feel stiff and inflexible. I would never have been able to touch my toes while standing or sitting and I would always be unable to do other sports that my friends could do! Now, in the name of Jesus Christ I am healed! My neck feels strong, able to hold my head up without a struggle. My shoulders are in line with each other and my hips are steady and straight. I feel incredibly flexible! I can touch my toes! The power of God is absolutely amazing! He is a God of Love and has released me of this pain. He has healed me! He’s definitely the best doctor in the world!


Today, I received an email from a lady who came three years ago for ministry not having been able to fall pregnant. Her son is now two years old! She also had prayer for serious trouble with her teeth. She has not had any trouble since. Yeah God!


The result of a fall was a badly bruised left knee causing considerable pain. I had prayer…. The next day I had NO pain and NO sign of any bruising


My hearing improved to the point that by the end I had removes both my hearing aids. Over the week my hearing continued to improve. Praise Jesus !


…….was diagnosed with ovarian cancer 9 months ago. She came to healing rooms a few weeks back for prayer. On Tuesday 15th July 2008 (she) had a scan and on Wednesday morning her Oncologist reported that (she) is CANCER FREE !!

Back and Neck Pain

I had been in constant pain for days with back and neck pain. I’ve had trouble with this on and off for twelve years. I received prayer and fell to the ground. It felt like my muscles in my upper body were going crazy, I believe the Lord was straightening me out! My left leg felt like it was being pulled longer and then I let out a yell and everything seemed to fall into the correct place. There was no pain when this happened only a strange sensation. I have no pain now and things I used to do with pain are now done with no effort


Last Friday I arrived at the meeting with very painful arthritis in my hands. I received prayer and the pain went! Within half an hour my finger which had been twisted for some time had gone straight. I also had prayer for my right shoulder which was injured a year ago and had recently been agitated, after prayer I was able to turn my head normally and the pain was gone. We have a great God, all glory and honor and praise to the King.

Neck Pain

I asked for prayer for healing of neck pain and also a headache. My neck felt so much better and I felt a warmth during prayer. No more headache! No more Pain!


I had my neck prayed for and was thankful to receive release from the pain and stiffness. Joy.


I asked Jesus to heal my left shoulder and He did!


One of our repeat guests, a beautiful young boy who had been diagnosed with autism came again to Healing Rooms last night with his Mum, who was able to share his testimony: “He is able to sit for longer, pay attention for longer than before and his communication skills have improved.” She shared this while he was able to sit happily on her lap

Back Injury

A serious back injury -” My arm moved moved freely and without pain for the 1st time in years. My leg grew out to the same length (as it was before my accident) which aligned my hips and now there is no limp when I walk.

Flu Symptoms

Yesterday just before 4pm I started to feel really drained & exhausted & cold/flu like symptoms come on, my back was very sore & achy, sore eyes & head, was thinking I must have caught cold. Didn’t feel much better after dinner but the family decided we must go to Healing Rooms. Then you asked who on the team needed prayer. I did feel a bit better after prayer but not completely, & then it got busy & didn’t notice how I was, until later when I realised that although I was quite tired I felt fine and had for most of the night. Woke up today with no flu symptoms!!” Praise God!


Young man came to the Healing Rooms after having a sore throat for 6 weeks. During prayer the pain reduced and he left with no further symptoms.

Lower Back and Knee

Man came to the Healing Rooms with lower back and knee pain after his heel was crushed in a forklift accident over 20 years ago. During prayer he felt movement in his heel, and left with no pain. He said he felt stronger and like a weight had been lifted off of him


I had been smoking marijuana day and night for nine years. I came to Nowra Healing Rooms for freedom from my addiction. I AM HEALED and I have had no desire to use marijuana since I was at Healing Rooms. It just doesn’t even enter my thoughts; it’s as though I was never addicted! Cathy


I came to the Healing Rooms in desperation following many years of depression and a constant feeling of helplessness and lack of personal self esteem. I knew that only prayer and God’s blessings would be my comfort and peace. Upon my first visit to the Healing Rooms I found such love and blessings. The second time was the most confronting and I had a real spiritual battle just getting there. But during that second visit I had the most amazing breakthrough, coming to terms with many things that had been spoken over me in the past. I was so blessed that I could forgive the past and move on. The next week I returned to thank those who had been there for me and praise the Lord for his love and blessings. After that I was able to discuss many issues with my brother who had also been affected when we were children and young adults.  He was pleased to talk about these issues and we were able to pray together over them.  I thank God for his blessings and continued love. Trish


I was healed from the deep trauma of an ectopic pregnancy in 1981


Since I’ve been to these meetings my general health has improved all over and my energy levels are the best they have been for a long time


I was suffering from weakness in joints, arms and legs. Through prayer this has all improved. There is much more strength in them now.


I had a growth start on my right foot….. I asked for prayer. The pain left my foot. I have checked the growth and it has now disappeared.


I had an abscess under my tooth which was very painful. Soon after arriving at the healing meeting I felt tingling all through my body and felt very warm. I responded to a call for prayer and immediately I felt a surge of power from God. All pain was gone. I did not need any medication and I praise God for my healing.

Chronic Fatigue

I have had chronic fatigue syndrome since 1999 …..since June 2008 I have received much healing through Friday night meetings. Today 28th November 2008 my doctor has said ‘you no longer have chronic fatigue’ Praise God for His healing!


I have been completely healed of stress (bladder) incontinence which I had suffered for 17 years

Lower Back

I have been having frequent episodes of low back pain which radiated into my right hip and leg. After healing prayer my back instantly stopped aching and I felt a surge of heat go through me. I am now pain free…


Tonight I had arthritic pain. I was healed by Jesus from the top of my neck to the base of my spine. My hearing also has improved. Praise God.

Strained Knee

I had a strained knee due to scooting for a few years. The pain was so severe I got x-rays to determine the damage. I received prayer and the power of God touched me and the pain went. It left for good, it has not returned even when I go up and down stairs. Praise God Forever!

Chest Pain

When I came to Healing Rooms I was experiencing severe chest pain. I rated the pain 6/10. The receptionist came and prayed for me in the waiting room, I had not mentioned to anyone I was experiencing this pain. As she prayed the pain reduced to a rating of 2/10. When I went to the rooms for prayer there was a word of knowledge about a blocked artery which was correct. Since prayer I have had NO chest pain whatsoever.


Suffering from emphysema and unable to breathe I received prayer over the phone. As they prayed I felt a touch and I could breath freely, there was movement in my lungs. I felt good. Attending the meeting that night had more prayer and for the first time in a long time I could walk around without the use of my walker. Praise God!


There was a word of knowledge about someone who had pain down the inside of the left leg and hamstring.  … by the time I had got up from sitting down the pain was gone!

Back Pain

My 3rd. 4th and 5th disc in my back were ruptured causing pain and inability to bend over and move freely. After receiving prayer I have no pain, can move freely and bend over.